Secret Service Tagged My Ride

Secret Service Tagged My Ride
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Another day of the long line of cars turning onto 29th Street to be poked, prodded and sniffed by the Secret Service and my reward? A Secret Service gang tag. Yesterday they marked my car with the X and, since I rarely wash my car, it was still there this morning when I went through, so they gave me an O to go along with it. Two easily identifiable marks.

I don’t know, my friendly, clean-cut Secret Service pals. If you are trying to do gang tags, you might take a tip or two from our MS-13 members over in Arlington and Fairfax. They know how to tag stuff. At least I didn’t get harassed about anything like taking pictures, not that I whipped out my Brownie Hawkeye during the cavity search. Maybe at lunch I will get a few shots of the activity.

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