Morning Prostitutes Causing a Ruckus

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While the prostitution is not exactly a new problem in the 11th and K and Street area, Fox 5 ran a story late last night describing how the prostitutes have changed to morning shifts. Starting around 6:00 a.m., the prostitutes are dodging their usual schedules to stay out of trouble.

But a prostitute in broad daylight can cause some discomfort, to say the least. While this corner is occasionally on my morning commute, I’m happy to say I wasn’t witness to this offense:

But neighbors say it’s not just the sex. They’re also frustrated by what else the prostitutes do when they walk the streets. Our camera caught one woman leaving a client’s car. She walks to a bus stop and pulls her dress down to fix her bra. She then pulls the bottom of her dress up and does something too gross to describe. In the process, she exposes herself in full view of morning traffic.

I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any of them around the other night. I guess now I know… Note to self, don’t try to get in to work early.

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4 thoughts on “Morning Prostitutes Causing a Ruckus

  1. And to think that “Patty the daytime hooker” was something that the creator of the tv show “My Name is Earl” considered ridiculous on its face. Turns out just to have prescient.

  2. When I worked at Thomas Circle in 2002, if I left after 6pm, there were hookers right out front of our building and boy were they aggressive. *shudder* I think it was the trannies that were most unnerving, not for their appearance, but for their inability to understand no.

  3. Glad to hear the morning hookers are still around. Haven’t seen them since I moved out that neighborhood earlier this year, but I used to pass them at 10th and K every now and then on my way to work.