Restaurant Week Party Continues

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Cheap food lovers, don’t mourn the end of Restaurant Week quite yet! There’s still some eating to be done for $35.09 as local eat places extend RW deals through this week and some through September. (Tangent: Has anyone else noticed the trend of calling restaurants “restos” lately? I solemnly swear to you, dear reader, to not do that to you. Ever. Even when I’m desperately struggling for synonyms for restaurant.)

Some of my favorite eateries are extending Restaurant Week – DC Foodies has the complete list, but here are my top 5 picks out of the extension list. Go forth and reserve!

1) PS 7′s
2) Cafe Atlantico
3) Dino
4) SEI
5) Tie: Occidental or Art and Soul

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One thought on “Restaurant Week Party Continues

  1. I have indeed noticed the “resto” trend and it irritates met to no end. Thanks for not being lame! I dig that about you!