Metro to Pull In $25m for Ballston Property

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‘The 10B’
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The Metro board is expected to approve the sale of the Ballston bus garage property for $25 million at their 9/24 meeting. At just over 4 acres, it will become part of the property that will be home to the new DARPA building. Check out the past WLDC article about the building here. Talk about a way to make some quick cash! Does this mean no fare increases for a few years? Hah. Right.

This story hits pretty close to home for me – I live across the street from the Ballston Metro bus garage. Or at least what used to be the Metro bus garage. In March, all of the buses moved out to a facility in Fairfax and it has sat as an abandoned parking lot for the last 6 months. It even looks a little more like a prison playground or something. But I do find it oddly touching that someone spray painted the years of operation of the garage on the side of it; nearly 50 years of memories happened at that little site. RIP Ballston Metro bus garage. RIP.

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One thought on “Metro to Pull In $25m for Ballston Property

  1. Wow, I’m surprised it took this long for that area to redevelop! It always seemed so out of place, with the Ballston Mall directly across the street and the Metro station just a few blocks away. Guess that means the end for the Super Pollo and Enterprise too, huh?