We’re Rooting for (Steroids for) Teddy!

Photo courtesy of
‘Teddy at Nats Game’
courtesy of ‘travelcorx’

Poor, Teddy. You used that giant head of yours to muster up a plan to use That Darn Cat to help you cheat and win, but someone foiled you. We hope you found that rat and fed him to the Cat.

If you’re just tuning in, Tuesday night’s President’s Race at the National’s game was unfairly won by Teddy, who has never won a single President’s race (just LOOK at his excitement on the jumbo screen – captured by WLDC author Corinne).

Teddy employed That Darn Cat to tackle Abe and Tom. However, after watching the video several times, I’m fairly certain that Abe and Tom willingly fell to the ground. Watch the video for yourself. It seems they were prepared and, dare I say, “In” on the scheme. Perhaps they wanted Teddy to win, too?

Teddy’s win was officially ruled a loss by Screech due to “unauthorized use of a feline.” Sad day. We’re still rooting for you, Teddy. But next time, we would prefer you try something a little sneakier – like legal steroids.

And in other news, if you saw the President’s pile-up last night, which looked a lot like tripping with a red rope at the finish line, it appears to be unrelated to any cheating by Teddy. Tom dove at the tape and Abe couldn’t handle losing, thus jumping on top of Tom,  president’- dog-pile-style.

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