The Young and the Rich

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It could be the title of the next DC based reality show, according to the latest report from Nielsen on Yahoo! News. The Washington, DC area is ranked as the top metro area in the country for top earning people between the ages of 25 and 34. Loudon County captured the number one spot in the land, with over 10% of it’s young residents making at least six figures. And, as discussed in several related articles, Arlington is right up there as well. DC’s little neighbor across the Potomac took home second place.

Sixteen of the top 50 counties for wealthy youth fell within the DC metro region. It is time to put aside the Real World and Real Housewives; it’s time for “DC: The Young and the Rich” to start filming! In fact, every one is now required to refer to the District at “The DC”, instead of just DC.

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2 thoughts on “The Young and the Rich

  1. I would love to see that show! Computer nerds and lawyers driving around in Porsches and buying McMansions out in BFE. Wait…that sounds kind of boring actually.