Only Dim Wits Think the Skins Stunk

Redskins Game 1 022
Photo courtesy of Amanda Wolfe

The Redskins players think you are bad fans. They won, ok? It’s not like they were playing one of the worst teams in football, have an enormous payroll, charge you ridiculously high ticket prices and bombard you with never ending commercial or brand promotions during a game at Fedex! Your only job as a fan is to pat them on the back no matter what.

The Skins “won” yesterday 9-7 over the St. Louis Rams. But I was there and I still have no idea how they actually won. The play calling was miserable! How many times can you run Portis up the middle in the red zone and expect them to not have their nearly last ranked defense ready for it? How many times can Moss drop or fumble the ball and be completely worthless? Jason, what the hell was that play in the end-zone where you didn’t want to get rid of the ball and were only inches away from taking a safety and completely killing all momentum after the fumble recovery? If you, like me, booed the Redskins’ performance on Sunday, you, sir, are a “DIM WIT”. According to Linbeback Robert Henson, at least. He even tweeted it!

Take this in for a minute:

“All you fake half hearted Skins fan can .. I won’t go there but I dislike you very strongly, don’t come to Fed Ex to boo dim wits!!”

Chris Cooley, who actually did perform yesterday unlike most of the team (Suisham, you get props too for being the only Skin to score points), also voiced his opinion on the matter on his blog:

“I think Washington prides themselves on being the best fans, and I think that they should try to be the best fans.”

I understand the Redskins won. AND THAT IS GREAT. A win, no matter how ugly, is always a big W. I get that. But the team looked terrible! It was such an incredibly frustrating game to watch in person. There were no big plays to get excited about and the home team was making mistakes left and right. I didn’t boo at the end of the game after the great defensive stop where the Skins got it back on downs. I didn’t need them to try and score one of those really rare touchdowns. But that was mostly because I knew that if they tried, they’d probably fumble it and end up losing the game. So I’m happy with the win.

But dear Redskins – you WILL get booed if you continue playing like that, coached liked that and owned like that. Especially at a home opener against a simply awful opponent. Henson, suck it.

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2 thoughts on “Only Dim Wits Think the Skins Stunk

  1. My crisis of fandom only gets worse when the team’s players say I shouldn’t be passionate about its performance…

  2. Maybe if the Redskins start asking themselves WHY they’re getting that reaction from the fans, and not getting fired up at the fans for having the reaction in the first place, things will improve?

    *shrug* Important thing is that Dallas lost, right? ;)