Farmer’s Market Delivered To Your Door

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I’m a busy lady. Without exaggerating, I live and die by my Google Calendar. But the one thing I always make time for is the Farmer’s Market. I’m a devout Farmer’s Market kind of girl, especially after a recent rendezvous with Michael Pollan. I love walking up to the market, bag in hand, and perusing the rows of colorful fruits and vegetables. It’s my Sunday morning ritual, and reminds me of all the things that are good and right in the world. The farmer’s market is my own little version of church.

At the market you can find babies, puppies, and people from every walk of life, all purchasing local, bright, healthy, delicious food. But every so often, my market ritual and my Google Calendar battle it out and the Google Calendar wins. And when that happens, I am faced with a weeks worth of produce from Whole Foods, or worse, Safeway. Until now. Bless Erin Hartigan’s heart, because Daily Candy introduced me to Harvest Delivered, founded by two women “who hand-select an assortment of fresh, seasonal fruits, vegetables
and herbs from sustainable local farms and delivers it directly to your home or office.” All for the incredibly reasonable price of $28, which includes delivery if you order every week.

If you’re like me, and just want it one-off, you pay an $8 delivery fee. It’s like CSA, but for the single sector, plus with individual deliveries. You can view what produce you’ll get in your box using the This Week link, which can help you decide if you want it. The site even features recipes for what will be delivered that particular week.

I’m pretty sure Harvest Delivered will get me through the doldrums of winter, after the market has closed, and the only vendors there are selling cheeses and jams.

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