I Can Haz $100 for My Bus?!?

Awesome photo courtesy of Karl Johnson

I don’t know if these signs have made it into the District, but they are EVERYWHERE around the Ballston area in Arlington. At least before the monsoon hit on Saturday and potentially washed some of them away into the Chesapeake Bay, there were literally 4 on every pole at every intersection. But I’m not here to rant about littering or violating sign regulations (although someone should), I’m here to ask this simple question: WHO HAS AN UNWANTED BUS AT HOME? And better yet, is it really, really only worth $100 to you? And where the hell do you park your bus around here? Most people can barely park their compact cars. I have so many valid and pressing questions. Please contact me for an interview if you live here and just happen to have a bus you were considering trading for a $100. Thanks. (I’ll give you $105)

Karl is a Washingtonian who lives and breathes everything that is DC. Politics, ethnic restaurants, sad sports teams, the Metro and pretty much anything in between. Karl’s life is kind of like going to a Nats’ game while eating Ethiopian food and discussing the latest legislation to pass the House. Then cramming on the Metro for a ride home. That ’bout sums it up. See why Karl loves DC or check him out on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “I Can Haz $100 for My Bus?!?

  1. Hahaha, I have these around my neighborhood, too. I like that it says “up to $100,” so you may only get like five or six bucks for your bus. But considering that one gets $100 per visit to be an Ebola and HIV vaccine tester, I think there are easier ways to make $100 in this city…

  2. Yes very true, you may not even get the whole $100 for your bus! I might have to bring down my counter-offer. Maybe these ads are put up by Metro because they badly need new buses??