DC Sniper Wants Life Over Death

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The man that wrought terror on the DC metro area, and cowardly took the lives of 10 innocent people, is seeking life over death. The Washington Times reports that an attorney for John Allen Muhammad will be filing a request for clemency with VA Governor Tim Kaine – the only guy that can prevent Muhammad from being put to death on November 10th. Chances of clemency being granted are incredibly slim, however.

On WTOP last month, Gov. Kaine state “I know of nothing in this case now that would suggest that there is any credible claim of innocence or that there was anything procedurally wrong with the prosecution.” Both of Virginia’s attorney general candidates agree as well. John Allen has his choice of dying by lethal injection or the electric chair. If he does not make a choice, his demise will come via lethal injection.

I am not a supporter of the death penalty in general. But in Virginia, it is law. And Muhammad sought death over life for many innocent people; how he thinks he now deserves to be spared is beyond me.

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2 thoughts on “DC Sniper Wants Life Over Death

  1. It is not only wrong, but really disrespectful to show a picture of an Army sniper in conjunction with this headline. I ask that you take this image down and replace it with the murderer that you are referencing and if you can’t afford an AP photo of John Allen Muhammad, don’t show anything. Stop disrespecting the people that sacrifice their lives to protect ours.