Go Paperless: Recognize Gay Marriage

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The most recent DC Register includes proposed law changes regarding what other regions that DC is establishing domestic partnership reciprocity with and man, it’s a doozy of a list. If you’ve registered a non-marriage union in any of these 10 US states or 16 countries it’ll be recognized in the District.

The amusing thing is, if Congress manages to not meddle in the District’s self-rule then DC will stop registering new domestic partnerships themselves next year after same-sex marriage has been in place for a while.

If you’re interested in the full list I’ve pasted the text of the proposed law change after the jump. Worth a look just to see what other non-English-speaking countries call domestic partnerships. As usual, the Germans manage to do it all in one word: Lebenspartnerschaft.

Persons registered together in a domestic partnership or a similar legally recognized relationship, other than marriage, in a jurisdiction outside the District of Columbia shall also be recognized as domestic partners in the District, provided that their relationship was registered in one of the following jurisdictions:

(a) California (Domestic Partnership under California Family Code § 297 et seq.);
(b) Colorado (Designated Beneficiary Agreement under Colorado Revised Statutes § 15-22-101 et seq.);
(c) Connecticut (Civil Union under Connecticut General Statutes § 46b-38aa et seq.);
(d) Hawaii (Reciprocal Beneficiary under Hawaii Revised Statutes Annotated § 572C-1 et seq.);
(e) Nevada (Domestic Partnership under Senate Bill 283 amending Title 11 of the Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated, effective October 1, 2009);
(f) New Hampshire (Civil Union until January 1, 2010, under New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated § 457:46);
(g) New Jersey (Domestic Partnership under New Jersey Annotated Statutes § 26:8A-1 et seq. and Civil Union New Jersey (h) Oregon (Domestic Partnership under the Oregon Family Fairness Act, House Bill 2007);
(i) Vermont (Civil Union under Vermont Statutes Annotated § 15-1201 et seq.);
(j) Washington (Domestic Partnership under Annotated Revised Code of Washington § 26.60.010 et seq.); and
(k) Great Britain (Civil Partnership under the Civil Partnership Act, 2004, ch. 33 (Eng.) et seq.) and relationships in other countries recognized as equivalent to United Kingdom Civil Partnerships, except marriage, under Schedule 20 as follows:

(1) Andorra (Unio estable de parella);
(2) Australia (Tasmania) (Significant Relationship);
(3) Belgium (Wettelijke samenwoning or gesetzliches zusammenwohnen);
(4) Canada (Nova Scotia) (Domestic Partnership);
(5) Canada (Quebec) (Union Civile or Civil Union);
(6) Denmark (Registreret Partnerskap);
(7) Finland (Rekisterity parisuhde or registrerad partnerskap)
(8) France (Pacte Civil de Solidarit);
(9) Germany (Lebenspartnerschaft);
(10) Iceland (Staofesta Samvist);
(11) Luxembourg (Partenariat Enregistr or Eingetragene Partnerschaft);
(12) Netherlands (Geregistreerd Partnerschap);
(13) New Zealand (Civil Union);
(14) Norway (Registrert Partnerskap);
(15) Sweden (Registrerat Partnerskap).

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