Petroleum Lobbyists Stop Watching Jon Stewart

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‘Still Texting’
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Ug. How did I not know John Oliver, from The Daily Show, was doing stand-up at the DC Improv!?! I need to pay more attention. We apparently missed a pretty entertaining show too. But not because of his routine, which I’m sure was great. But because of the interactions and jokes that came at the expense of a frustrated guy in the audience who would not stop texting on his phone throughout the show.

Arlington blogger The Green Miles was at the show and captured it in his recent blog post. The best part? The no-nonsense guy that ended up storming out of the show because he couldn’t take a comedian giving him crap over texting is an oil and gas lobbyist. Not exactly known for their fun demeanor. After the lobbyist’s former tablemates shared what he did for a living following the storm-out, Oliver replied with “Ninety-five percent of me enjoyed giving him a hard time, but five percent had felt a little guilty,” followed up by “Not anymore.”

Who says lobbyists can’t have any fun?

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