Sound off: Best Neighborhood Chinese DELIVERY

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If you’ve lived in DC for a while, you’ve probably noticed a dearth of Chinese food delivery options. Back in my hometown, I grew accostomed to cheap Americanized Chinese food being delivered at least once a month. But since moving to DC, and even relocating to Chinatown, I find there’s a lack of good options. And your options change when you move around, based on the restaurant’s delivery area.

Living in Chinatown, I love Chinatown Express. It’s the freshest of all that I have tried, and I even went so far as to sample the barbecued ducks in the window, which are surprisingly delicious compared to how terrifying and stomach-unsettling they look. It’s my preferred neighborhood spot. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver!

A WeLoveDC reader wrote in yesterday to remind us of this problem and to ask for our suggestions. Well, we would like to pass the torch to you, dear reader. Tell us, WHERE can we call for DC’s best neighborhood Chinese food delivery? And why? Is it their high quality food? Their quick delivery time?

Our reader said, “Who doesn’t love Chinese food?” and as we curl up into this chilly (and this weekend’s wet, yucky) weather, Chinese food delivery is the perfect option for a warm and comforting meal without you having to raise so much as a few fingers.

So where, dear reader, can we find the best Chinese food delivery in town tonight?

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12 thoughts on “Sound off: Best Neighborhood Chinese DELIVERY

  1. Mr. Chen’s Organic Chinese in Woodley Park. It is delicious and doesn’t give you what I like to call the “Chinese food hangover”.

  2. I had an order of Chinese Food Hangover once. Not spicy enough for me. I live in Arlington and haven’t found a Chinese place I like in my three + years here. I look forward to trying some of these.

  3. Sichuan Pavilion on 18th and K is the real deal and in my opinion the best Chinese food delivery in DC. I’ve tried all the others (especially in the Dupont area) and they pale in comparison to S.P….SO good!

  4. I’m a big fan of Organic North Sea Restaurant in Woodley Park. They have some interesting choices beyond the regular go-tos (the salt & pepper jumbo shrimp is solid; the honey walnut chicken was bizarre but also worth a go). I stumbled upon it accidentally thinking I was calling another far more mediocre restaurant (Violet Garden, did it close? I think this place may have cropped up in its place. Who knows.) Anyway, now I’m hooked.