Street Car Maps

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The District Department of Transportation released an interactive map of the new street car systems, currently under construction.  The map superimposes the proposed routes over a map of the city, and the system looks like it will be pretty widespread by the time it’s finished.  I, for one, am excited.

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2 thoughts on “Street Car Maps

  1. i am excited too, and just have to pause in my excitement to add: everything old is new again.

    i wonder how long before they rip out these tracks and confine the streetcars to a museum in the burbs?

    (long after i die, i guess.)

  2. This is great. I love the Metro, but it takes forever to excavate new stations and costs a small fortune, the trolley system can be built fairly quickly and cheaply. Plus the trolley’s will have less overhead maintenance cost, so they are a far better investment. The map does not have estimated completion dates. Anyone know when the phases are planned to be completed? Only the H street line is being worked on right now.