Virginians: Time to VOTE!

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Good morning Virginians! The polls all across the commonwealth just opened. It’s voting day. Time to do your civic duty and cast your ballot! While the most talked about contest is definitely the race for governor between Bob McDonnell (R) and Creigh Deeds (D), you also will be casting a vote for lieutenant governor, attorney general and your local state representative in the VA House of Delegates. Depending on your locality, you probably also have a few other local positions to decide on; in Arlington, that would be a seat on the county board and one on the school board. After tomorrow, NO MORE CAMPAIGN ADS!

If you need to know where your polling place is or how to get there, get all the info here or just enter your address in the handy little map below (after the jump)!

Polls are open from 6am to 7pm. VOTE!

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One thought on “Virginians: Time to VOTE!

  1. In Arlington we have a choice between a Democrat for School Board and another Democrat for the School Board.. Ditto for the County Board…
    Blech… I chose not to vote in those elections…