Marion Barry Gets His Own Reality Show

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‘Harrison, NY Train Wreck’
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If there’s one trend in entertainment in the last decade that I have come to absolutely, positively, with no exception loathe, hate, despise and deplore, it’s the rise of reality television. The “unscripted” nature of these programs, along with a willing supply of fame-whores looking for an easy break, makes it cheap to produce them en masse with little or no preparation. One need only look at this list of the 15 worst Reality TV shows ever made to recognize the scourge that they are.

Now, DC has played host to a few of the Reality shows, with this summer’s Real World taking place up in Dupont, and Bravo’s Real Housewives of DC filming now (seriously, this is the show concept that has me thinking that fiery demise is far too good for the people who come up with the premise for these shows.), so why shouldn’t it surprise me that Marion Barry is filming a pilot for his own reality show? DCist confirmed it with his Chief of Staff. If you really felt the need to watch this kind of train wreck, could you let us know? I really want to figure out who likes these things.

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