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EFN Lounge (formerly Be Bar) is hosting DC’s first taste tripping party. $12 will get you in the door, and guests will twist their tongue on a West African berry called synsepalum dulcificum, or “trippy fruit.” Trippy fruit temporarily re-wires taste receptors on the tongue, transforming acidic and sour food into sweet and enjoyable treats.

They say, “After commencing the trip, guests will be ushered into the Tripeteria, a cafeteria with an all-you-can-trip buffet full of all the sour nasties usually consumed in moderation. In this conceptual, experimental flavor laboratory, lemon wedges become lollipops, hot sauce becomes donut glaze, goat cheese becomes cheesecake, bottom-shelf tequila becomes Patron, and a Guinness Beer becomes a chocolate milkshake.

The menu was designed by a team of experienced flavor trippers and evolves for each party. Selections include sour candy, cheese from Dean & Deluca, pickles, soy sauce, raddishes, sour fruits, sugarless cupcakes, and much more. Ticket holders can suggest menu items on a form at the online checkout. EFN will also hold taste-testing of shots and cocktails designed for flavor tripping enthusiasts.”

I got a little weirded out by this and turned to my BFF Google for answers. These things DO exist, and ARE legal, and are having a come-back. So now… I’m oddly intrigued. For more info, or reservations if you’re bold, visit the EFN Web site.

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One thought on “Trip Your Taste Buds

  1. This will be the place to be on 12.11!! It’ll be so sweet you’ll think it’s sour!!!