12 Possible Test Cheaters

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The DC Wire blog reports that 12 DCPS schools have been ordered to open investigations into their 2009 test scores. This is some weak sauce, given that this concern is nothing new. Initially Superintendent of Education Kerri Briggs declined to pursue that issue further because the review came back “inconclusive,” but when you have a statistical suspicion of wrong-doing and an inconclusive result… well personally I think that warrants continuing analysis till you get exculpatory or conclusive results, but hey – it’s just our children’s educations and our money, right?

So now the suspect schools are asked to conduct their own analysis, which I’m unclear on the appropriateness of. Does this mean the superintendent thinks that this could have happened without the involvement of the higher-ups at these schools? Or is this a cross-the-t measure to make sure that if they’re cheaters they have to at least learn to be cheaters who can cover their own tracks better?

The superintendent’s office refuses to reveal which 12 schools were asked to conduct investigations.

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