BREAKING: Fire Bombs in NW DC

Photo by Allen Combs

A reader and WUSA 9 report that a man threw Molotov cocktails into the intersection at 17th and K St..  He was apparently holding a sign that said “Justice” on top of a van with “Not my $200 Million” emblazoned on the side.  It is not clear exactly what he was protesting.  Police arrived on the scene quickly and took the man into custody.  At this point, it appears that no one was hurt, although traffic is stopped at the intersection in question.  We’ll get back to you with more details as they become available.

Update 3:05: DC Fire and EMS Twitter reports a suspicious package in the van.

Update 3:08: Live video feed of 17th and K St. intersection.

Update 3:13:  One of the entrances to Farragut North is closed due to the incident.

Update 3:20: Officers seem to be moving around the van without much trepidation.  The suspicious package appears to have been a false alarm.

Update 3:27: Van driven away by police.  It appears as though the incident is wrapping up.  Can any readers on the scene confirm the Molotov cocktails?

Update 3:50: Intersection is reported to be clear.  Just in time for it to get gridlocked by Maryland drivers during rush hour!

Update 4:00: Several witnesses (thanks Sean!) report that there weren’t actually any Molotov cocktails, after all.  WUSA 9 still reports that 3 were thrown.

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7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Fire Bombs in NW DC

  1. A coworker of mine was there for pretty much the entire incident, and he didn’t see any molotov cocktails. It was a relatively quiet “protest”. The guy wasn’t even yelling, just standing and holding his sign. This was right up the street from my office.

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  3. Here’s my super far fetched internet induced theory:

    11/23 – it is reported in the WSJ that a shady Virgin Islands hedge fund (Reserve International Liquidity Fund) will distribute $200 million to it’s investors.

    This is despite a number of lawsuits against the company currently pending. The law firm defending the hedge fund – Wilkie, Farr, & Gallagher, whose D.C. office is at 1875 K Street.

    Sure, little connection to a guy in a van who may or may not have molotov cocktails, and sure, the guy missed by about a block, but hey, he seems like he was probably a little distracted.

  4. My office faces out at the intersection and there were indeed at least 2 molotov cocktails thrown. Also the cops did not “arrive on the scene quickly” it took atleast 10-15 minutes for any police to arrive

  5. I was there for most of the incident and I saw no molotov cocktails. I spoke with a few people that were there as well and no one mentioned anything about it. I would think if there really were some people would have said something to that affect.