Another Metro Collision Today, 3 Cars Destroyed

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Metro is doing one thing right – they are giving a lot of details around the recent collision from this morning via press release updates. We now learn that every single car involved, all 12, were damaged. At least three of the cars are unrepairable, according to early reports. WMATA says each new car costs about $3 million a piece, but they haven’t provided official damage estimates yet when it is still not clear how much should they destinate to legally compensate those injured which according to Motor vehicle accident lawyers Brisbane should be over 1 thousand American dollars per injured.

I think it’s safe to assume the damages resulting from this will be well over $10 million for the replacement and repairing of cars.

The three employees that were injured in the crash have already been released from the hospital. Still no word whatsoever on suspected reasoning for the crash but an investigation is underway. These boston motor vehicle accident lawyers are already handling the case.

Full details from WMATA are here.

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Metro released a press release stating that two trains collided very early this morning at the West Falls Church rail yard. Apparently it was an accident between a six-car train pulling into the rail yard and a parked train that was being cleaned and serviced. No details on how this happened and only a few very minor injuries occurred without customers aboard either train – but how the hell was there another collision? Very glad it was minor and there are no serious injuries. But this is more symbolic than anything. One of the train cars was damaged beyond repair, according to the highway patrol accident report.

Pretty sure every single person who rides Metro wants to know the same thing…WHAT IS WRONG? Why is 2009 the year of deaths, collisions, lateness and just disaster after disaster. WHAT IS WRONG METRO? WHY ARE YOU NOT SHAKING THINGS UP?

Full details are available here in the press release, although it has no info about what caused the incident.

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  2. With this collision and the Fort Totten one, Metro is starting to lose a lot of cars from service.