Woodbridge Aspires to Have World’s First Green Car Wash

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The little car wash that could is chugging away in Woodbridge.

Yesterday, groundbreaking ceremonies were held for The Smart Car Wash, which is seeking to become the world’s first car wash to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

The Smart Car Wash will re-use over 90 percent of its water, reduce noise and light pollution, use technology that cuts equipment power requirements in half, and wash cars only with bio-friendly chemicals. Designed with sustainability in mind, it will follow guidelines from the US Green Building Council.

Soon, you’ll be able to get your car green-clean at the Smoketown Shopping Plaza near Potomac Mills.

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One thought on “Woodbridge Aspires to Have World’s First Green Car Wash

  1. As a Woodbridge resident, this is great news. Although I rarely go to a carwash, I feel guilty whenever I do. Now it looks like I’ll have a better option. I hope they make it affordable and market it well. I would like to see fewer people wash their cars on their driveways using a ton of water and whatever chemicals they have on hand. I don’t understand those people that wash their cars several times a week. Its a ridiculous, wasteful obsession.