Red or White? Win a Personalized Bottle of Each!

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The age old saga: red or white wine? Well, dear reader, you have your chance to weigh in. Do you prefer the hints of oak and honey in your favorite white or the bursts of cedar and cherries in your reds? Does one pair better with your favorite take-out Thai dish than the other?

Last week, we sat down with Lamar Brown, proprietor of Carafe Wines in Alexandria. He was so pleased with the feedback he received from We Love DC readers after his interview, that he’s offered up a chance for you to win a bottle of each – with your own personalized labels! Holiday gifts anyone?

Vote in the comments – red or white wine, and I’ll use to pick a winner. Lamar is thinking he’ll give away a bottle of his Chardonnay and bottle of his Red Zin. If you’re feeling really lucky, he might even tell you the best carry-out that goes with each bottle.

So, red or white? Oh, and please, do tell us why!

Hurry, voting ends today at 6:00 p.m. I’ll announce the winner of the two free bottles of wine and what the reader consensus is tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

PS – Fan Carafe Wines on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. They’re about to announce a one day sale this Friday on Facebook and Twitter only to award their fans and followers.

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54 thoughts on “Red or White? Win a Personalized Bottle of Each!

  1. Both have their merits and depending on what food you are serving them with, but recently my favorite has been an amazing raspberry merlot.

  2. As today is rainy and cold here in DC, I’m gonna vote with a strong warm Red. But there is nothing better than a sweet, crisp White in the summer!

  3. How fun! With my favorite Thai food, which is always v. spicy, I generally would lean towards the Chardonnay (without having tasted these) since reds often have spicier notes of their own, and I like a contrasting taste from my wine.

  4. In this case, definitely red – I’ve never had a Red Zinfandel, and I’d love to try it.

    In general, though, I really like Rieslings because I love their crisp fresh sweetness. (This may be because I have a sweet tooth.)

  5. Red! I love all wines, but reds have greater complexity and can catch your breath away with their layers of flavor. I particularly love the spicy reds (shiraz and zin, for example) because they have a brightness and sharp quality as well as depth.

  6. White- though begrudgingly. Red gives the BF splitting headaches- so I go white or risk drinking alone.

  7. I used to be an exclusive red girl, but recently Virginia whites have turned me! Thank you Great Grapes Wine Festival 2009 ;)

  8. Hmm… such a tough call, Cath! In the summer, I love pouring myself a big glass of oaky chardonnay when I get home from work, or with lunch I’ll enjoy a light rose. But in the winter, I tend to steer towards strong reds like a spicy syrah, or a lighter-bodied pinot noir to accompany dessert(chocolate, of course). So today, in honor of wishing for some sun, I vote white!

  9. If I have to choose, I’d go with white, but I like both for different purposes.

    If I’m drinking to get drunk, a sweet white that goes down easy. If I’m drinking to enjoy, I like red and a nice zin is perfect.

  10. I’m not a huge white fan (but I don’t discount it either) and love a good red. I was one of those wine snobs who wouldn’t dare drink a domestic, until I happened upon a few sweet Virginian reds (Cooper Vineyards in Louisa springs to mind). Also, who can resist an awesome red sangria?!

  11. Usually red. Unless its really hot or I’m a bridesmaid who doesn’t want to stain the bride, then white.

  12. On a cold, sleet-filled winter night, I always prefer a nice full-bodied red. Sipping red wine, I can close my eyes and imagine I’m in front of a warm fireplace in a mountain lodge… until I remember I’m on a hand-me-down couch in my Arlington apartment.

    But I can’t discount a crisp, cool white either, which certainly has its place alongside the Thai takeout mentioned above, or a piping hot seafood pasta dish.

    If I absolutely had to choose…. I’d go with the red.

  13. I’m easing into the wine scene with white wine, mostly sweet. The girlier, the better, eh? Perhaps I’ll start to enjoy red with the right bottle if I win this thing!

  14. i choose red. nothing is better than a smooth zinfandel any day of the week. Although if i’m eating thai food, i’ll go with a reisling.

  15. Definitely red, especially in this chilly red. Although with the spicy Thai food, I would probably go for an unoaked chardonnay or a Riesling.

  16. White – because I am a spiller… But a nice spicy red in the company of my own home, and maybe my pajamas is ok.

  17. Since it’s started getting colder out, all I’ve been craving is red wine! It makes me feel so warm!

  18. I usually prefer red, especially in the cold, though a light white can be very relaxing.

    In the end, red.

  19. Red wine! It complements, very nicely, all the red meat I’ve been craving since it started to feel like winter in DC!

  20. Red wine as a default, although a nice dry crisp white is great occasionally.

    Good red wine is a warm, spicy, earthy delight!

  21. I’m a huge white fan. Wish I had a good reason why, it’s just what i prefer! unless someone is buying the red…then i’m in :)

  22. Red is my first choice for almost every occasion. It hits the perfect comfort spot for me and goes well with so many meals.

  23. While I don’t have them too much, I am a sucker for a big California Cabernet – especially this time of year. It is the wine that I cut my teeth on and first learned to appreciate.

  24. In a vacuum, I always prefer white. But there is nothing better than red meat and a flavorful red wine.

  25. I say white, mostly because I rarely eat heavy or spicy meals. I find that white wine compliments my diet better.

  26. Definitely vote for white – a cold glass of crisp white wine when it’s sweltering hot, or even when it’s cold! Plus red wine dyes my lips red!