Chimay Beer Dinner at Cafe Saint Ex

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Remember that time I got excited about Truffles a few weeks ago? This is close to that level of excitement for me. I first was introduced to Chimay at Et Voila!, this lovely tiny Belgian place I’m seriously obsessed with in The Palisades. I fell right in love with the Red label Trappist beer. And I tweeted obsessively about it, and then today a friend of mine alerted me to the Chimay Beer and Food Pairing dinner at Cafe Saint Ex on Twitter. (That’s right, you guys keep me on top of my game, and I love you for it.) And then John, WLDC’s badass designer sent me the menu, cause he’s nice like that.

So let’s discuss, shall we?

1st Course
Chimay White paired with arugala, poached pears, currants, pistachios, Chimay cheese.

Chimay cheese. Now I realize this exists, but doesn’t that sound lovely??

2nd Course
Chimay Red paired with crispy pork belly confit, roasted turnips, apple butter.

Chimay Red is my favorite of all the Chimay beers, and who doesn’t love a big fatty pork belly?

3rd Course
Chimay Blue paired with braised Hereford beef short ribs, seared sourdough bread pudding, honeyscotch carrots, cara cara orange.

I know we’re not supposed to focus on sides, but bread pudding, especially savory bread pudding, speaks to me in ways… well… my Mom reads this blog sometimes. So just use your imagination.

rosemary grapefruit sorbet

I have nothing to say here except that grapefruit is in season, so I would expect this to be good. (What you didn’t know that about grapefruit? Good thing I’m here for you.)

4th Course
Chimay cheeses with seasonal accompaniment
paired with Rogue’s Hazelnut Spiced Rum.


So okay – there we have it. Beer, with cheese, and fatty meats. Doesn’t that sound, ah, well, holy mouthwatering? Dinner is Monday, December 14th. There are only 10 tickets left, as of this morning, so move fast. Tickets are $75 pre-sale. You can purchase tickets through email at

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