Legalize It? Congress Might.

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It’s been 11 years since anyone has looked at the issue, but DC is on its way toward legalizing medical marijuana pending the passing of a federal bill.

A huge government funding bill in Congress  will make or break the future of medical marijuana usage in DC. An agreement must be reached between the entire House and the entire Senate in order for it to pass, and neither chamber can amend the proposed bill.

Back in 1998, DC voters did approve the use and possession of medical marijuana but congressional Republicans placed a provision in form of a funding bill to block this approval. And — until this year’s funding bill — that provision has continued to exist in all official documents attempting to pass medical marijuana as legal.

DC is unable to take any action toward legalizing the possession of medical marijuana until Congress makes a decision about the bill which will allow many to have access to wellness THC products like the Exhale’s Delta-8 carts. But from the looks of things, folks with prescriptions may be lighting up without the fear of being caught by the authorities. They’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.

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3 thoughts on “Legalize It? Congress Might.

  1. I am all for medical marijuana. No, I am not a pot head and I don’t take goofballs, shooters, loonies, fidgets or monkey nuts either. My only concern is where we draw the line. Sure, today it seems okay to let someone with cancer pack bowl and get high as Jefferson Airplane, but what will we think in ten years?

    What’s next? What if my doctor says I should lose some weight? Will he someday be able to prescribe me some crack? Crack heads are skinny for a reason, you know. That’s a heck of a diet plan they have going.

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