Society Still Intact; Mass Repopulation Not Necessary

eggnog almost gone, fraternizing with cream. film at 11.
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My Lovely Wife and I decided to venture out today, since the Arlington County snow plows decided to go down our street. Normally after a snow storm they don’t, so this was quite an exciting afternoon. I thought it would be prudent for me to be sure the rest of society was still intact or if the missus and I needed to get busy repopulating the planet. Sure enough, society was still around, but just barely.

When we got to Harris Teeter, I found that the eggnog case was almost completely empty. This is all that was left. I decided to do some self-imposed rationing and only took one carton, leaving the rest for other weary travelers.

I guess it’s okay. Soon they will get a delivery, I am sure, and this situation will likely not seem so dire. I guess it’s good that society is holding up under the strain, because repopulating with just my Lovely Wife could take a while, seeing as how we humans are normally limited to one offspring per nine-month session (very inefficient, if you ask me), and she doesn’t like the idea of me repopulating the planet with anyone else.

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