Zorn Gets the Axe

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The inevitable has finally happened and the Zorn era is no more. After a 4-12 season and an overall 12-20 record, the Redskins leadership decided that it was time to fire head coach Jim Zorn.  This move, of course, has been speculated for months, particularly after Redskin owner Dan Snyder stripped Zorn of his play calling responsibilities earlier in the season. It really comes as no surprise to most football fans.  Still, I ask myself: was the Redskins abysmal 2009 performance a symptom of bad coaching, or of something deeper?  Many Washingtonians feel that Dan Snyder’s meddling in the day to day affairs of his team is far more to blame than Jim Zorn’s apparent lack of ability.  So, Skins fans, what’s your analysis?  Was this a good move, bad move, or will it even matter?  Supposedly Snyder is courting Mike Shanahan as Zorn’s replacement.  Any thoughts on that?

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6 thoughts on “Zorn Gets the Axe

  1. Shanahan… hey, before any of you Skins fans get fired up for him, let me ask you a question. Two Super Bowls with Elway, fine- you’ll hear plenty about those two Bowl wins when it comes to him. What you should ask as well though is this: How many playoff wins did Shanahan’s Broncos pick up in the 11 years after?

    The answer is one. Exactly one.

    We Broncos fans have been asking ourselves for a long time whether Shanahan really was the genius he seemed back then, or if Elway and co. just made him look good. Not that he’s a bad coach, but I’m not really sure that he’s the right fit here- this is a team that needs rebuilding, and Shanahan never could really pull that off in Denver with an average team in place following the Super Bowls. Here, he’s got much less to start with.

    If he’s smart, he’ll look at how Zorn was treated and take a job almost anywhere else.

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  3. I know that having all of Snyder’s money helps getting talent here and keeping it here, but Snyder seriously needs to open his wallet and keep his hands off the team.

    What the Skins really need is consistency in the coaching staffs and coaching schemes. Since Snyder bought the team Joe Gibbs is the longest serving coach at 3 years. Every coaching staff brings a new offense and a new system to the team. No matter how good the players, staff, and scheme are, it takes time to get used to it and get good at it. I think coaches need at least 2-3 years to get their system and players that fit that system before considering giving them the axe. Otherwise you end up being the joke of the league like we are now.

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