Real World DC Drinking Game!

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And now, to make our Real World viewing experience more enjoyable, I present the RWDC drinking game that I promised last week.  I envision this game developing as the season goes on and we get to know the characters a bit better.  For now, though, I think that this should get us through the next episode.  And, since it’s Wednesday, it’s perfectly legitimate to interpret “drink” as “sip.” The rules are after the break. Enjoy!

RWDC Drinking Game

Take a drink

When panda hat guy (Andrew) mentions his desire and/or tries to get laid.

When Texas girl (Callie) talks about how small her town is.

When the rocker girl (Erika) sings a song (I’ll be taking very long drinks).

When a cast member gets misty eyed about their ambitions.

When there is a monument/landmark montage.

When someone mentions their sexuality.

Take 2 drinks:

When Obama Girl (Ashley) gets naked.

When bi-sexuality girl (Emily) makes out with a woman.

When bi-sexuality guy (Mike) makes out with a man.

When someone damages the house

Take 3 drinks:

When Atheist guy (Ty) gets in a physical fight.

For communal hot-tub nudity.

When Obama girl (Ashley) and Texas Girl (Callie) throw-down over their political beliefs.

When a male cast member cries.

When rocker kids (Erika and Josh) sleep together.

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    Whenever the title of the song playing in the background (title shown on-screen below), is a literal observation of the scene being shown.

    (I hate this about MTV, and reality TV in general. It’s lazy.)

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