Street Food 2.0 – Meet Sâuçá

You may not be able to pronounce it, but you will soon be talking about the coolest street food truck this side of the Mississippi – or perhaps even the Nile (not “denial”, we are actually talking about the river in Egypt). Sâuçá is a new “mobile restaurant” that will be hitting the District’s streets by the end of the month. Let’s recap a few key words that describe this new concept: on wheels, food from around the world, flat screen TVs, wifi, international pay phone, super social media usage and FOOD FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Did I mention this is all on wheels? To this, Mr. Farhad Assari (the restaurateur), I have only two words: YES PLEASE.

From the announcement: “The Sâuçá brand is more than just serving food inspired by global destinations from the Sâuçámobile, it’s about connecting with patrons in new and exciting ways,” says Assari. “Sure, they’ll see our unique vehicle – our restaurant on wheels – but we’ll also connect to them virtually, through social and interactive media on a nearly continuous basis.”

You will be able to track the truck’s location via their website, Twitter, a custom iPhone app and Facebook. The iPhone app will show the current menu too…how about iPhone ordering and pre-payment? I’m hoping the location is often listed as “outside of Karl’s house”. But what will they serve you ask?

The menu is based around the sâuçá – a hand held warm, griddled flatbread wrap-style sandwich inspired by global street food: quick to prepare, easy to eat, and portable to eat on the spot or back at the office.  Guests select one of six different regionally inspired sâuçás from the menu, with weekly alternating selections. Global regions will be represented by two different sâuçás, with choices from Europe like a Croque Monsieur, to the African/Indian the Mumbai Butter Chicken sâuçá (the house specialty).  Also offered will be soups, salads, and the sâuçá sweet – the Toffle, (above right), a gourmet waffle with a choice of luscious toppings, great for either breakfast or dessert.  Drinks include a special mint-infused orange blossom Limunad, (lemonade), organic coffees, and hot teas.   Menu prices range from $5 – $8 for breakfast, lunch and dinner sâuçás, to Toffles for $5, beverages, soups, and salads from $2 – $7.

This guy has got it right. He seems to have a solid understanding of branding and interactive marketing in combination with a (hopefully) delicious set of well priced food from around the world, all in a truck that focuses on the overall customer experience. I love it. But with that said, it is all for naught unless the food is really, really good – downright delicious, in other words. We will find out in a few short weeks, but I have high hopes. Check out the progress of the magical food truck on their blog here.

Karl is a Washingtonian who lives and breathes everything that is DC. Politics, ethnic restaurants, sad sports teams, the Metro and pretty much anything in between. Karl’s life is kind of like going to a Nats’ game while eating Ethiopian food and discussing the latest legislation to pass the House. Then cramming on the Metro for a ride home. That ’bout sums it up. See why Karl loves DC or check him out on Twitter.

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  2. You know what else I freaking love? EVERY culture has some kind of sandwich. So you can build your food-from-around-the-world menu around a flatbread and not be wildly off-base. I can’t wait for this thing.