Another Cuddling Incident

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‘Cop Car in Georgetown’
courtesy of ‘Hoosiers United’

Has the “Georgetown Cuddler” returned?  Police report that a woman in Glover Park awoke on Sunday morning to find a stranger spooning her in bed. Upon discovery, the man fled without stealing anything, or otherwise causing any property damage.  This crime bears striking resemblance to a spate of sexual assaults that occurred in Georgetown, last year.  In all cases, women asleep in their homes awoke to find a stranger fondling them. This is first such incident since August.

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3 thoughts on “Another Cuddling Incident

  1. We really need to stop giving this criminal a cutesy name. He’s not a fucking cuddler; he’s an intruder, he assaults, he likely damages the feeling of security for life in his victims.

    I hate this so much.

  2. I agree with Evie. Home invasion and assault would be devastating for anyone and is not “cuddly.”