Give to Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network With One Click

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From now until January 22nd, if you’ve got Facebook, you’ve got the power to change Arlington’s homeless population forever.

Chase Bank is donating $5 Million to 100 small nonprofits nationwide, allowing Facebook users to decide the winners. Arlington’s own Street People Assistance Network (A-SPAN) finished in the Top 100 and is now eligible for the $1 Million Grand Prize. All you have to do is vote for A-SPAN on Facebook. A-SPAN will share the prize with these other Arlington nonprofits: AMEN, AFAC, AACH, Borromeo Housing, Doorways for Women & Families, and OAR.

I’m a big fan of Doorways for Women & Families, having volunteered at battered women’s shelters in college, so I love that A-SPAN will be distributing its $1 million prize far and wide to help all populations. For more info, see the Sun Gazette article. And, vote!

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One thought on “Give to Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network With One Click

  1. Thank you so much for sharing A-SPAN’s story and goal with your followers! We are hoping that increasing nonprofit collaboration at this time – when we are all experiencing increased client need and decreases in donations and grants – will help many great organizations continue to meet existing need and future needs as they arise. A-SPAN is a long shot to win the Chase Challenge but a vote for one homeless organization is a vote for all of them as we work to raise the profile of homelessness everywhere. With 1 in 10 Americans unemployed, homelessness is and will continue to be a serious issue in this country. Thank you again!