Mr. Jefferson Frowns on your Shenanigans!

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Fox 5 reports that the US District Court has dismissed the lawsuit of a woman who was arrested for dancing in the Jefferson Memorial.  Mary Oberwetter, the dancer in question, was arrested two years ago when she failed to stop dancing at a Park Police officer’s request.  The Park Police dictate that an air of tranquility and reverence should be maintained by visitors when in national monuments.  Ms. Oberwetter’s impromptu dance party was deemed a violation of this, and like an idiot, she decided not to obey the man with the gun and was arrested. Charges were  eventually dropped, but Oberwetter sued the Park Police for violating her first amendment rights. The District Court, however, felt differently and ruled in favor of the police.  So, if you’re a dancer, keep out of the monuments.

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One thought on “Mr. Jefferson Frowns on your Shenanigans!

  1. If you look at the video of the incident, you’ll see that she got arrested after she asked the officers why they had to disperse. It’s unnecessary to resort to name calling when it is perfectly plausible that the officer in question used his power of arrest to retaliate against an individual who dared to question his authority.