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Um, no. That is not a thinly veiled reference to… whatever you were thinking it was a thinly veiled reference to. (PSH, you thought I was going to fill in that blank? No way. I am an adult. And mature. And stuff. At least that’s what I tell my Mom.) Anyways, Meat Week. I found out about this via Twitter (which is where ALL the good information is these days) – so hat tip to Capital Spice for being awesome with all the details.

So what is meat week? A celebration of DC carnivores, basically, where you just eat a ton of meat and feel fat, happy and protein’d. Restaurants like Red Hot ‘n Blue, Rocklands and Pork Barrel BBQ are site to meat-lovers dinners, and you better be there. The dudes from Pork Barrel BBQ are putting together a buffet (of meat!) on Wednesday, February 3rd, from 5-9 p.m. at Mango Mike’s in Alexandria. (Mango Mikes is the brother restaurant of Pork Barrel’s upcoming joint, don’t be thrown off by the tropical name.) The southern-style menu sounds redonkulous, with ribs and cornbread and other delectables.

For a full schedule of events, check out Capital Spice’s round-up and the full schedule is available at the Meat Week web site (no, for real, there is an official site for this). There are no fussy prix-fixe menus at any of the places hosting meat week, so order however much you want and dig in. So, forks up. Let’s go.

Katie moved to DC in 2007, and has since embarked upon a love affair with the city. She’s an education reform advocate and communications professional during the day; at night and on the weekends, she’s an owner here at We Love DC. Katie has high goals to eat herself through the entire city, with only her running shoes to save her from herself. For up-to-the-minute news and reviews (among other musings), follow her on Twitter!

6 thoughts on “Meat Week in DC

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Katie.

    Just a couple of quick clarifications:

    With the exception of the Pork Barrel event on Wednesday, Meat Week is independent of all of the venues. We’re planning to give them a heads up so they don’t get surprised when people show up and reference Meat Week, but I don’t think any of them are planning anything other than their normal service.

    Also, Tim Carman’s post about Urban is from last year…it’s what turned me on to Meat Week in the first place. We’re hitting Urban on Sunday night as the first venue for this year’s Meat Week, but I don’t know whether Tim will be attending or not.

  2. i kind of feel like every week is meat week in dc. every menu has multiple meat options, 365 days a year. does meat really need its own week, especially when restaurants aren’t doing anything other than their normal service?

    now, if we were trying new and unusual vegetarian dishes for a week…sign me up.

  3. Jasmine – I would definitely be down for a Veggie Week, too. We’re always looking for good (interesting, creative, tasty) vegetarian and vegan dishes around town. ESPECIALLY in winter, when local veggies are at their least exciting.

    Meat Week could more accurately be called ‘Barbecue Week,’ but we’re just participating as a local chapter of a national event…we didn’t invent it. And as far as I’m concerned, good barbecue is something that’s almost as scarce as good vegetarian food in the DC area.

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