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‘Goodbye, snowman’
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Despite the hype and my most fervent prayers, the District came out on the winning end of its bout with snow. This was due largely to getting considerably less precipitation than was predicted.  Most of the DC area reported less than 3 inches of accumulation, but this was enough to close Montgomery and Fairfax county schools and to put the Fed into unscheduled leave.  Still, the roads were little more than wet, this morning, and my commute wasn’t harried in the least.  It was kind of a let down, to be honest. We’ll see if mother nature throws something more challenging our way, this weekend.  Considering that there won’t be any work to miss, I’m guessing that she will.

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3 thoughts on “Anti-Climaxpacolypse

  1. I think there was still alot of salt left over from Sat’s storm, and that’s why the roads were so good. But yes, this is most definitely Anti-Climaxpacolypse…

  2. The National Weather Service just updated their storm totals, and much of the area reported in the 3″-6″ range, which is pretty much what was predicted. But it was so warm out that it didn’t stick on the pavement as much.