Win Tickets to the Georgetown/’Nova Game Saturday!

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‘Marquette at Georgetown’
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Not afraid of a little snow? Love yourself some Hoyas Basketball? Us too! We’ve got a great contest to give away five pairs of awesome tickets to Saturday’s game courtesy of DC Lottery (Hey, Powerball’s up to $140M! That buys a LOT of snow removal!) and all you have to do is leave a comment to enter! We’ll pick five lucky winners tomorrow morning at 10am and coordinate tickets with DC Lottery.

See you at the game! Thanks DC Lottery!


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86 thoughts on “Win Tickets to the Georgetown/’Nova Game Saturday!

  1. I love Georgetown basketball and know this will be a great game especially after the heart breaking loss to USF. I will definitely be attending since I am not afraid of a little snow! Go Hoyas!

  2. I am a former Nova student whose heart now lies with the Hoyas. I HAVE to see this game! Thanks for the chance We Love DC and DC Lottery!

  3. I am obsessed with Georgetown Basketball and Scottie Reynolds…therefore I must attend this game!!

  4. I would really love to win the tickets and take one of my co-workers because he has been so kind to me since I started my new and job and has made me feel so welcomed. He is a die hard Hoyas fan and I would love to share the experience with him.

  5. I live downtown so I think I might be part of the minority that could actually make it to the game regardless of the snowpacalypse. Would love to see 2 top 10 teams fight it out. Hook it up!

  6. Love to be there. “Irish by chance & Hoya by choice!” Not to mention Father when to ‘Nova. Ah, family rivalries.

  7. The Father, the Son, and the HOYA SPIRIT! A little “Snowbliteration” won’t keep me away!

  8. Being from Syracuse, NY means that snow is not a big deal and college basketball is huge. It would be great to get to watch Nova roll over the Hoyas.

  9. More like being from upstate NY means you had a deprived childhood. You are the last person who should ever get any free Gtown tickets. Also, if you were a smart basketball fan, you would be rooting for the Hoyas on Sat. because it increases the Orange’s chances of both (a) winning the Big East regular season title, and (b) getting a #1 seed in the NCAA tourney.

  10. Sounds like a fun game! I want these tickets for my big sister’s birthday, we love basketball!

  11. This game sounds like a lot of fun! I want these tickets for my big sister’s birthday, she loves basketball!

  12. Nova students still bring up 1985 despite not being ALIVE when it happened. Let’s shut them up. go HOYAS.

  13. Everything else will be closed so I will need some entertainment. Let’s Go Hoyas!

  14. Nadia and Juliette on this response thread do not care about basketball. it’s an act. you should give the tickets to me instead.

  15. Throwing my hat in the ring for the tickets. Sure would love to attend the game, haven’t been able to make it to one yet this year. I live really close to the Verizon Center, so will be walking.

    Great blog, keep up the terrific work.

  16. I’m a postman with a special delivery for Nova: a dominant Hoyas victory. Let me hand-deliver my package. Please. Help me help them.