Make a power-outage plan

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We all hope for nothing but pretty pictures and snowball fights*, but heavy snowfall has the potential for power outages. Could be iced lines, could be a bad driver hitting a pole, could be just plain old bad luck.

Or it could be you overloading a circuit with a space heater.

So have an emergency plan. Know where your circuit breaker is Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Check your flashlights and make sure they’re somewhere you can find them. Put some warm clothing – long underwear, etc – somewhere you can find it.

Live in a rented apartment or house? Make sure you have contact numbers for your landlord. Know where the nearest emergency room/urgent care center is.

Put the phone number to report outages where you can find them:

  • PEPCO 1-877-737-2662
  • Dominion VA 888-667-3000
  • BGE 877-778-2222.

Be careful and safe.

* just don’t throw them at cars, you never know what sort of power-mad douchebag is inside

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