The Second #snOMG Cometh – DC’s Best Snowtags

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#snOMG. #snowpocalyse. #snowmageddon.

#snOMGasm. #snogasm. #snoWTF. #snowlyshit

The only thing more ridiculous than the amount of snow we’ve been getting this year are the snow hashtags flying around the interwebz. And by ridiculous, I mean RIDICULOUSLY funny. In a good way. LAUGH. Let us also recognize that we must pay homage to the fact that this is indeed the second coming of the #snowpocalypse this year. Therefore, #snOMG2pointO is pretty appropriate.

#snovechkin #snohedidnt #precipaggedon #snowpocalypseNOW #snowbliteration

Then we have some cranky people who are not overly pleased that DC has become Fairbanks, Alaska this winter. These people (we are not naming names) choose to refer to our impending white doom as:

#snowTheF**kAway and #snowF**kYourself #snowtards

(I will be leaving in the bleep sounds because of a recent conversation about author’s mothers reading this blog, but you get the cranky picture)

Then there are the super clever people who’ve come up with not just hashtags but whole phrases! Ingenious!

I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Snöwze (LOVE this one)
Are you down with Snow P P? Yea you know me! (Ravi, you are ridiculous)
Snowpocalypse 2: The Squeakqual (hahahahah)

I am actually hearing from inside sources that this has a chance of being the biggest snowstorm in DC history. No, I am not being sarcastic (not that I ever am, but I’m just sayin’). If things go right, there is a very strong chance that this storm could make #snowpocalypse1 look relatively small. So be safe and sit back and enjoy. And by “enjoy”, I of course mean come up with new snowtags!

What else ya’ got? Leave your best snowtags and snowphrases in the comments. The funniest one will get the prize of my admiration for a whole day.

Karl is a Washingtonian who lives and breathes everything that is DC. Politics, ethnic restaurants, sad sports teams, the Metro and pretty much anything in between. Karl’s life is kind of like going to a Nats’ game while eating Ethiopian food and discussing the latest legislation to pass the House. Then cramming on the Metro for a ride home. That ’bout sums it up. See why Karl loves DC or check him out on Twitter.

34 thoughts on “The Second #snOMG Cometh – DC’s Best Snowtags

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  2. Since it will be the biggest storm since Washington and Jefferson made their slaves shovel the walk (“and I mean the entire thing, not just a shovel-width path”) I am going with #snowtoriousbig

  3. #snowLord
    #snowBody’s Business

  4. Two people are already dead as a result of the storm, and more are sure to follow… sorry, I don’t see the funny.

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