How to Photograph in the Snow

Photo courtesy of
‘Monroe Street After Blizzard’
courtesy of ‘Mr. T in DC’

So you’re now at the point of stir craziness where you’ve decided that you might as well take some photos of the Snowmageddon™ to prove you were there. But while you can’t look outside without squinting behind your sunglasses, all your pictures come out looking dark and uninspiring. What gives? has some pointers on how to bring the snow from grey to white in your photos. There’s also a lot of tips from the Smithsonian about shooting in the snow around DC.

The base problem is this: Your camera’s auto exposure is overreacting and you just need to tweak it to allow more light. Even most digital point and shoots have this in their menus somewhere (sometimes called EV Steps). Cold causes batteries to drain more quickly, so be sure to carry spares. Also consider dropping your ISO down to 100 or 200. You’ll get a lot less grain in your shots.

When you’re done with your Ansel Adams styled photos of the snow, be sure to submit them to our WeLoveDC Flickr pool!

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