Metro back to restricted service

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You knew it couldn’t last long. Metro is back to underground-only service and no bus or MetroAccess for Wednesday the 10th. And yet, the feds haven’t announced their closure yet… Any bets on how long that will take?

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4 thoughts on “Metro back to restricted service


    My work was canceled again because our streets have not been plowed at all. With metrobus and above ground metro canceled, I couldn’t have made it to work if I’d wanted to.


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  3. I am surprised at this. I thought they cleared most above-ground rails today….what happens if it doesn’t snow that much tonight?

  4. Zushched, then they’ll likely open them up again fairly quickly. WMATA seems to have been pretty strongly practicing “under-promise and over-deliver” this last week.

    For example, look at the wait till Monday to announce re-opening of above-ground stations, then again waiting before announcing that all above-ground stations were re-opened… however briefly.

    I think it’s a pretty good strategy, as it goes, since it means people who are at home and consuming television news don’t get the go-ahead till it’s a certainty. I’m concerned about people getting stranded, having left this house this morning to full service and then having all bus travel stopped at 8p, but this kind of chaotic situation makes any prediction difficult.

    Personally I think WMATA’s doing a pretty good information management job so far.