Sports Fix: Gearing Up

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With the 2010 Vancouver Olympics kicking off Friday night and continuing throughout the weekend, it’s kind of hard to recall the significant happenings that have occurred over the last two weeks in DC sports.

Record: 41-13
Last Two Weeks: 4-3
Place:1st in the Eastern Conference

The Caps continued their winning streak with spectacular W’s against both the Penguins and the Rangers, but were stopped at 14 wins on February 10th by the Montreal Canadians in a 5-6 squeaker in OT.

Since their loss to the Canadians, the Caps have lost their last 3 games heading into the two week break for the Olympic games. They still lead the Eastern Conference with 90 points, and their next game will be away versus the Sabres on March 3.

Despite this minor downturn, Mr. Ovechkin is still the NHL’s leading offensive player in both goals (42) and overall points (89). And Alexandar Semin is on a super hot streak, sniping goals left and right, and racking up 5 goals and 4 assists in the last 4 games.

Record: 17-33
Last Two Weeks: 1-3
Place: 2nd to last in the Eastern Conference

Since we last reported on the Wizards, they’ve only managed to win one game out of 4. Ugh.

Over the weekend, the Wizards made some significant changes to their roster by trading Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and DeShawn Stevenson to the Dallas Mavericks for Josh Howard, Drew Gooden and two other players. There’s been additional trade speculation surrounding Antawn Jamison, but if anything is going to happen it will have to be soon in order to meet this Thursday’s trade deadline.

Currently, the NBA is on break for the All-Star game being held in Dallas, TX. No players from the Wizards squad are on the All-Star team, so hopefully the team is taking some time to practice with their new players and pull it together.

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Not too much movement for the Redskins in the past two weeks.  Hopefully GM Allen and Coach Shanahan are working out the kinks in how operations will run and deciding on what draft picks will be made on April 22. With the #4 first round draft pick, I’m optimistic that the Skins can pick up a solid player and make good, strategic decisions in subsequent draft rounds.

Spring training feels closer and closer everyday, but the Nats have still not tied up Adam Dunn’s contract. I do realize there is an art to negotiation, but come on! Get on it!

The Nationals also held tryouts for their legendary racing Presidents. Check out Rachel’s coverage of the cold, snowy and icy tryouts.

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DC United
The team announced its new coach, Curt Onalfo, and began training camp in the tundra outside of RFK.  Absent for this season will be Cristian Gomez, his contract not renewed, and Luciano Emilio, who was traded to the newly launch expansion team in Philadelphia.

Prolific scorer Jamie Moreno will be back, along with keeper Troy Perkins and defender Brian Namoff. Now retired DC United player, Ben Olson will remain close to the team as an assistant coach and United has added Adam Cristman from Kansas City to what looks to be a stellar attacking line.

There have also been rumbles that United’s management is unhappy with the RFK facility and will begin looking for a more appropriately sized and financially viable stadium.

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  1. I think you mean “2nd to last in Eastern Conference” for the Wizards… unless you were being sarcastic.

  2. Wizards are a lost cause and will be for a few more years

    Capitals are intriguing to me and I may make it to a game sooner or later. I just can’t get into the NHL