Marion Barry Benefitted from City Contract with Mistress, Report Says

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‘Wilson-Sulzer “Tammany Hall” Campaign Ribbon, ca. 1912’
courtesy of ‘Cornell University Library’

In a report delivered before the City Council, Marion Barry was implicated in personally benefitting from the city contract made with his then-mistress Donna Watts-Brighthaupt, the Post reported today. (see, WaPo, we don’t see the problem in linking to you, perhaps you could repay the favor when you cite us, but don’t name us?)

The audit released to the council today by special counsel Bob Bennett suggests that Hizzoner received direct financial benefit from the contract with Watts-Brighthaupt, and that it was just a part of $47M that was given to non-profits, both above board and below, during the last year. It’s been suggested that Barry face criminal prosecution for his actions, and the AG’s office US Attorney’s office has been contacted regarding prosecution.

As always, Marion Barry flaunts DC laws and DC rules to award funds to his cronies, all with the support of his constituency. Way to go, Ward 8. Way to go.

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One thought on “Marion Barry Benefitted from City Contract with Mistress, Report Says

  1. The man’s name is ROBERT, or Bob, Bennett. Bill Bennett was the drug czar under George W. Bush.

    Also, the AG wouldn’t be prosecuting this crime, the U.S. Attorney would.

    Maybe you’d get more respect from the WaPo if you knew what you were talking about?