Amtrak Poster Giveaway

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‘Coast Starlight Poster’
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Here at We Love DC, we love DC-themed art. From houses full of District maps to locally-made DC t-shirts, we like to decorate with things that feature our wonderful city.  So it’s no surprise that we’re big fans of Amtrak’s city-themed posters–they’re colorful, well-designed, and cheap (only $5!).

We’re giving away an Acela Express DC Poster that features the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and Capitol Building to a randomly selected commenter.  If you’d like to enter, just leave a comment here (include your e-mail so we can contact you) telling us where you’d like to take Amtrak.  We’ll randomly choose a commenter at noon on Thursday.

My ideal Amtrak trip?  I’d love to escape the snow and take the Palmetto route down to Miami.

Shannon grew up in the greater DC area/Maryland suburbs, went to Virginia for college and grad school (go Hoos!), and settled in DC in 2006. She’s an urban planner who loves transit (why yes, that is her dressed as a Metro pylon for Halloween), cities, and all things DC. Email her at Shannon (at)!

70 thoughts on “Amtrak Poster Giveaway

  1. I’d like to take Amtrak to Montreal for a conference in a few weeks. Amtrak is so much nicer than flying – I can use my laptop and actually get power, I don’t have to pay $550 just to get there, I don’t have to check my bags (at added expense!) and I get to buy food that’s actually good and hot. Plus, I get to see the scenery!

  2. I’d love to take the Amtrak to New York whenever I’d like but it’s way too expensive! Usually cheaper to drive and hope I find luck with parking (which I usually do).

  3. I’d like to take Amtrak to visit my parents in Vermont. I never do because it’s actually faster to drive, but one day when I have extra time, I’d like to do it!
    Otherwise I do prefer the Acela to get to NYC – so much comfier than flying and without the security or airline delays!

  4. I’ve been planning on taking Amtrak to NYC for a couple of years and I hope to get around to it this summer!

  5. Usually I take Amtrak to Richmond to visit my family, but like the other commenters, I would love to take it to NYC as well!

  6. San Francisco! I would take the Cardinal to Chicago, then the Coast Starlight all the way across the country to San Francisco. I have always wanted to travel overland through the heart of the US, and taking Amtrak would make for a wonderful trip. 12 states and the district!

  7. I’d like to take a trip from Chicago down through Memphis to New Orleans. Pizza, Barbeque and Jambalaya all on the same route!

  8. My wife and I took Amtrak from DC to Orlando for our honeymoon at Disney this summer. We drove down from our wedding in Western NY on Sunday morning and grabbed the train Sunday evening.

  9. Love these posters, and I love the Amtrak trip to Philadelphia. Philadelphia is my second favorite city, and their train station is my second favorite train station. (After DC’s Union Station, of course.)

  10. The Sunset Limited fascinates me. The idea of taking a transcontinental train trip, just for the hell of it, is such a cool idea!

  11. I want to take Amtrak to Boston from DC!

    I HATE flying (dang my childhood of watching “La Bamba” and then hearing about plane horror stories). I hardly go to Boston because it’s such a long drive and Amtrak is a bit pricey for me to go all the way to Boston for kicks. Oh well, my Boston friends will just have to visit me here :)

  12. I would like to take the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle. I’ve already taken the Zephyr, which is Amtrak’s other incredible scenic train (Chicago to San Francisco), and I loved it. The Empire Builder takes you through the northern part of the US, moving west, and covers states that I missed on the Zephyr( Montana, Washington, etc).

  13. I’d love to go from Chicago to Seattle, and on to Vancouver. I hear that there are some great views on this route!

  14. I’d like to take the 20th Century Limited from New York to Chicago — too bad it no longer exists. I’ve always wanted to order the brook trout: “a little trouty but quite good”!

  15. I’m with dcgrrl, I love the trip up to Philly – Philly’s a great city, Amtrak is a convenient way to get there, and there’s something so romantic about starting and ending your travels in beautiful train stations like Union Station and 30th St.

  16. As a DC expat living in Miami, I say lets do a swap! I will take the Palmetto up to DC and see my native land and you can hang out down on South Beach :) The train to the Amtrak station is a mile from my house so you don’t even have to rent a car.

  17. I take the NE Regional to NYC a few times a year – it’s better than the bus and when I buy it ahead of time, it’s not terribly expensive. I wish we had faster trains going south… I’d take one to Durham, NC.

  18. I’d like to take Amtrak all the way to San Francisco. Made the drive once, but think observing scenery and not just concentrating on not murdering your best friend and living off of beef jerky and cornbread is the real way to go.

  19. I’m taking Amtrak for my honeymoon. No, I’m not insane.

    Washington to Chicago on the Cardinal
    Chicago to Portland on the Empire Builder
    Portland to Seattle on the Cascades
    Seattle to Los Angles on the Coast Starlight
    LA back to Chicago on the Southwest Chief
    Chicago back home on the Capitol Limited

    6 trains, 2 weeks, all in bedrooms. Can’t. Wait.

  20. I recently upgraded from bus rides to NY to train rides to NY. Amtrak is such a treat–I feel like a princess.

  21. I love trains! If I could I would take trains everywhere. I’m dying to take a train from San Diego to San Francisco, how amazing would that ride be! But right now I would love a good train ride home to Boston.

  22. I regularly ride from DC to Philadelphia, but want to do the commuter rail north of NYC along the Hudson.

  23. Removing myself from eligibility (since I write here) but I used to live on the Acela to NYC and back when I worked at Bear Stearns (ah, the good ol days). Compared to driving or flying, there is nothing better. I was able to get work done or read or nap and not have to worry about the nightmares of flying and the headaches of traffic on the I-95 corridor. Viva la Amtrak!

  24. I’d someday love to ride Amtrack all the way down to Florida! I’d use the car port thing and then drive down to key west.

  25. I’d like to take amtrak to visit my grandfather in Hanover NH, and then shoot over to the White Mountains for some skiing… The fact that despite all the snow I have seen this year I have yet to be skiing really irks me.

  26. Just one? There are so many trips I’d like to take on Amtrak, like the Adirondack from NY-Montreal, or the Cascades from Vancouver to Eugene.

  27. Every year at Christmas I say it will be the year I’ll take a train to New York City. Every year time passes so fast we never make it. Someday that train is going to take me to Rockefeller Center.

  28. I want to take Amtrak to Boston. Chinua Achebe is giving a lecture at Wellesley next month, and, being Nigerian, I think this is a can’t-miss event!

  29. Next vacation, I’m flying out to Seattle and taking Amtrak back across the north to Chicago and then home to DC.

  30. I’d like to take Amtrak to New York this summer, just like I have the past two summers. Best way to get to NYC from DC.

  31. I’d take the Capitol Limited from DC to Chicago (stopping for some deep-dish pizza and blues), and then the California Zephyr from the Windy City to San Francisco. There’s just something about crossing the country on the rails that’s so delightfully 19th century. I’d love to see the country like they did in the Gilded Age, at a leisurely pace (but without the smothering coal-smoke).

  32. I’d hop on the Acela for a long trip to NYC (a weekend’s never enough) to visit friends and finally get my engagement ring resized for good — and maybe explore the Diamond District in more depth… ;)

  33. I’m taking the Acela to Philly on Saturday and will be taking it to NYC several times this year. I too would love to take the train cross-country.

  34. I would love to take the Cascades route from Vancouver to Eugene, OR. Having been out to Portland area before, I can only imagine the unbelievable landscapes and scenery through the Pacific Northwest. Le sigh*

  35. I would love to take a cross-country trip on Amtrak. All the fun of seeing the scenery without having to focus on driving! I also love taking Amtrak between New York (where my childhood home and parents are) and DC (my new home!)

  36. I’d like to take Amtrak someday when it meets the international standards of High Speed Rail, I’d take it back home on rails to be built as America learns to embrace rail travel… until then I’ll be taking it to Providence, RI for Thanksgiving and Christmas with the in-laws…