Architecture Beat – Francis Gregory Library in SE


Credit: Exterior Rendering by Adjaye Associates

Having the ‘coolest’ library in the neighborhood is not far fetched for those living in SE. Just released are a few renderings by Adjaye Associates, whom, in collaboration with Wiencek Associates, have developed quite an interesting design for the Francis Gregory Library. Libraries seem to be all the rage when it comes to design lately (check out the Agave Library in Phoenix) so it’s quite nice to see DC sharing some of the attention.  I am pretty sure though that not everyone will be pleased with this addition to the DC architectural scene. What do you think?

See more renderings thanks to DC Metrocentric.

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2 thoughts on “Architecture Beat – Francis Gregory Library in SE

  1. I personally dislike this guy’s work. I ripped his McDonalds Playplace version of a library last September. I think it’s attempting to be incredibly clever while creating something that will be akin to a how we view (in 2010) a crimped side pony tail and a members only jacket from the 80s come 2040. These materials can’t possibly age well. And we’ve seen in the last month of snow what happens to flat roofs over large spans.

    The only redeeming thing about this building is that it at least attempts to be a minimalist version of a greek temple. One could argue that it’s also talking something of the MLK library vibe. At least there’s an attempt to communicate with the existing language of the city in that regard with this space.

    Maybe I just need to stop looking at awesome old style libraries and get with the times.

  2. John, your critique of the Washington Highlands library is hilarious and much appreciated.

    As for the SE library, I personally don’t get too excited about an argyle sweater being superimposed on the facade of a public building.