Save the Date! March 20th is Polite Day…Please and Thank You.

‘Horton #23 (26/365)’
courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

On Saturday March 20th, District residents are encouraged to remember what their Mommies said, mind their manners, and be kind to their neighbors. Polite Day, which was sponsored by D.C. Council Member Harry Thomas, is meant to remind people to be courteous to one another, despite the hustle and bustle they encounter on a typical day in the city.

On our morning commutes, daily interactions with others, and just everyday life, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in our own agendas. Although we may not intend to be rude, I’m not sure that we need a formal holiday to do what we’re supposed to do anyway.

Is that what it’s come to? I’m all for being polite, but what I’m hoping is that Polite Day is just in light of the snowpocalypse and bad attitudes that might have been a side effect. There are certain things that we shouldn’t have to be reminded to do, right?

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One thought on “Save the Date! March 20th is Polite Day…Please and Thank You.

  1. Well, great idea & all that, but why a Saturday?

    Why not have a polite day when DC is in full swing? When we can say “Happy Polite Day!” to foulmouthed hooligans on Metro? When we could give a “have a great polite day!” to jerks barging their way through a crowded sidewalk on a bike? When one of those sidewalk fundraisers could add it to their shlock as time-strapped people try to get around them during the noon hour?

    Having such a day on the weekend doesn’t make any sense. At least on a weekday, some of us could have fun with it.