Shooting at Pentagon Metro

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Update, the next day: Pentagon shooter J. Patrick Bedell was a software engineer from California, with lots of online trails: a Wikipedia profile, a blogspot blog, an Amazon review and wish list, a Linked In page, and a SourceForge project. See DCist and Gawker for additional details on Bedell’s disturbed online presence.

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Update, 12:55AM: AP reports that Bedell has died.

Update, 10PM: CBS News producer David Singer of KNX 1070 news radio in Los Angeles tweets: I just talked with man who thinks he is father of Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell. Says his son has been slipping. He seems pretty sure, though I’m not sure what the guy thinking he is the father means exactly.

Update, 8:30PM: Official DoD statement on the shooting. The shooter, identifed in the Associated Press as “John Patrick Bedell,” is injured and in custody, though investigations into a second suspect are ongoing. Both officers who were shot have non-life-threatening injuries. Washington Post story here.

Update, 8PM: Official WMATA release says the incident began at 6:35PM. The station remains closed, but trains are passing through.

Update, 7:43PM: The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder has been all over this in detail on Twitter. “Code Red” has been lifted and the total lockdown is no longer in effect, but the area around the Metro entrance is closed off as a crime scene. Shots were fired right near the station entrance, and the two police shot were PFPA officers. Pentagon Station is still closed. Blue and Yellow Line trains are passing through, but not stopping.

Update, 7:30PM: has additional details, with the earliest photo from around the scene that we can find.

Update, 7:12PM: Some additional details from FOX5: three people have been shot, two of whom were police. One person in custody. Pentagon Metro Station is now closed.

We are hearing reports of shots fired at Pentagon Metro just now. Tweet from BreakingNews: Pentagon locked down after shooting at entrance to adjacent Metro subway station – NBC News

Lots of chatter on Twitter, including this one from willrobinsoniii: People shot at the Pentagon near the buses. Guns and military everywhere. Confusion with wmata. Getting out of here asap

…and this one from ASEcmu: Just witnessed a police standoff. perp was in car cop was pointing assault rifle at him.

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