Fancy Fare Up In The Air

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‘PAL Airlines Food Snacks going to Singapore’
courtesy of ‘Milo Riano’

(Oh that was such a pithy little title now wasn’t it? I’m all proud of myself. ANYWAYS, not the point.) The point is, Michel Richard is either crazy or brilliant, but either way he’s cooking plane food now. Yup, as in, peanuts in bags and would you like Diet Coke or Coke Zero or maybe some Regular Coke oh and we have apple juice, plane food.

OpenSkies, an all-business class air carrier has announced that they’ll be serving Richard’s food to customers traveling on its new route between Washington D.C.-Dulles and Paris-Orly for two months beginning in June. Now, that’s a smooth move for OpenSkies, you know, since they’re trying to be all fancy in a recession. But the foodie in me has to wonder if the quality Richard is known for on the ground will translate in the air. We Love DC co-author Don pointed out that Richard sous-vides his food – a technique everyone who watches Top Chef is familiar with, where food is vacuum sealed and put in warm water to cook over long periods of time. (Think an under water sophisticated CrockPot, if you will.) And what airline doesn’t love them some vacuum packed food? So that’s a point, right? The other part of me wonders if it’ll be mushy vegetables in butter, just because you’re on a plane and let’s be real, it’s not like they have copper pots back there in the little closet kitchen.

Someone book a trip to Paris and report back, will you? K thanks.

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