Second Highest Ridership Day Ever for Metro Yesterday

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‘at least we’re not outside anymore!’
courtesy of ‘philliefan99’

Think these cherry blossom tourists are crowding up the Metro even more than usual? You’re right. Metro announced today that more people rode the Metro yesterday than any other day in history, except for Obama’s Inauguration last January.  The high ridership (totaling 877,890 trips) was due to the Capitals game as well as the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Crowds are expected to continue through the weekend, particularly with the National’s exhibition game tomorrow afternoon.

If you want to keep your sanity, just avoid the Smithsonian Station for the next week or so until all the tourists head home.

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3 thoughts on “Second Highest Ridership Day Ever for Metro Yesterday

  1. I got offloaded *twice* on my commute home. Once at Rosslyn, then at Froggy Bottom. I just walked home from there. Sadly, my online-ordered Chipotle burrito was cold by the time I swung by to pick it up. How dare WMATA stand between me and my burrito.

  2. Ugh, Metro does seem a LOT more backed up the last few days.

    Very annoying trying to get onto metro rails with 10 people having those baby-carrying strollers and thus taking up 2x-3x the room needed and MANY PEOPLE trying to get on.