Michelle Obama Loves DC Too! And She Wants to Ride Metro.

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‘Michelle Obama Donates Inaugural Gown’
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First Lady Michelle Obama talks about her love for Washington DC in the new issue of  Conde Nast Traveler,  saying that DC feels like home and that she wishes she could explore it more without inconveniencing people.  It’s a great article about the city, and it’s clear that the First Lady understands that there’s a side of the District outside of the government that most people don’t realize.

Here’s the best part though– she mentions that she secretly wishes she could ride the Metro!  Now, I understand wanting to get out to get a hamburger without a motorcade and wanting to take a jog around the Mall without a security detail, but trust us, First Lady: you really don’t want to ride the Metro this time of year.  Escalators are down, tourists are everywhere, it’s packed to record-setting levels, and there is rampant escalefting.  We’re glad you love our city, but trust us that the Metro is best avoided this time of year.

Shannon grew up in the greater DC area/Maryland suburbs, went to Virginia for college and grad school (go Hoos!), and settled in DC in 2006. She’s an urban planner who loves transit (why yes, that is her dressed as a Metro pylon for Halloween), cities, and all things DC. Email her at Shannon (at) WeLoveDC.com!

One thought on “Michelle Obama Loves DC Too! And She Wants to Ride Metro.

  1. Tell Michelle not to ride the Metro. I just road the Metro yesterday for the first time to Nationals Park and it was a bad experience. The price board is wrong, so I got stuck at the gate until someone told me that I needed to add $0.10 to my card. That was annoying. Then as I tried to drive out of the parking lot I was told that they didn’t accept cash at the parking lot gate. I had to go park again, get out in the rain, and buy a smarttrip card so that I could be released from Metro hell. Public transportation is not worth it. I’m going to drive all the way to Nationals Park next time and contribute to so called “global warming….” Oooops they call it “climate change” now. Good luck Michelle.