Goodbye Dorm, Hello Parking Garage?

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‘Snow Blown’
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The residence hall at 2034 G Street on the GW campus is set to be demolished in order to make some room for a new parking garage/law school building.  I am deeply saddened by this news.  I spent an entire year of my graduate career studying this 3-story gem, selecting this building for my thesis because it was the only low-rise dormitory left on the entire campus, and most scholarly research suggests that high-rise, mall-like dorms can negatively impact a student’s physical and emotional well-being.  Although the residence hall had its problems, it needed to be renovated and made accessible, I am disappointed to see that GW has decided to take away the students only alternative on-campus living option.

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye Dorm, Hello Parking Garage?

  1. I currently work for and go to school at GW, and there are many on-campus (if “on campus” means “at Foggy Bottom”) dorms. Ivory Tower and JKO are two popular ones. Maybe I’m confused about what constitutes a “dorm” or “residence hall”, but many students do live on campus here.

  2. P – The building was a condemned fraternity house then later retrofitted into a dormitory. Hope that helps.

    A – I agree with you, there are a multitude of on-campus living options at GW Foggy Bottom; however, for the purpose of this story I was referencing 2034 G Street as an ‘alternative’ on-campus living option since it is/was the only dormitory not considered to be a high-rise.