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Barber Shop by Give Me a Vote!

While I generally shy away from featuring photos with watermarks, I readily made an exception for this one.  This photo by Joshua Cogan depicts a lot more than an oddly placed giant hand in a barber’s chair.  It’s part of a creative project by Albus Cavus and DC Vote called “Give Me a Vote!”  If you’re a resident of the District then you should be well aware of the fact that we pay taxes just like every other “state” does, yet somehow we lack full congressional representation.  In a country founded on liberty and just for all, one full of promise and Hope, our leaders tend to look the other way when it comes our voting rights.  In an effort to raise awareness, Give Me a Vote! will be placing these big hands across the city to represent our lack of a “voting arm”.  To quote from their website:

“Give Me a Vote! comments on the lack of democratic process available to DC residents. The voting arms represent new hope, and symbolize DC residents requesting the opportunity to practice one of their basic rights as U.S. citizens.  We aim to attract the attention of and promote action from DC residents who support DC democracy.”

You can even take an active part in this project by designing and adopting a sculpture to display in your home or business.  Eventually our collective voice will be heard and one day we’ll have representation just like the rest of the country.  That said, I’m also a fan of the alternative, that is, you keep your vote and we’ll keep our taxes.

Hailing from the Mile High City, Max has also lived in Tinsel Town, the Emerald City, as well as the City of Brotherly Love. Now a District resident, he likes to write about cool photos by local photographers, the DC restaurant and bar scene, or anything else that pops into his mind.

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  1. The D.C. Voting Rights Hoax

    Those of you foolish enough to believe the cost of D.C. Voting Rights, bill HR 157 was too high because it would prevent the DC government from denying Second Amendment rights to its citizens, and place your safety in jeopardy, “SURPRISE”. It was never going to be voted on in the first place. That was said to justify killing the bill off for another year. Denying second amendment rights? First I’d like to remind you of the drive by shooting a couple of weeks ago in which 7 were shot and 4 died. And although found shot to death in Montgomery County, D.C. principal Brian Betts. It’s beginning to appear his perpetrators are possibly from the District. Just in the past month alone there have been 12 homicides, 109 robberies with a gun and 57 assaults with a dangerous weapon involving a gun in D.C. as of 4/20/10. Point is, those you are afraid of already have guns and are using them on you. I myself can walk out my front door and not leave my block and purchase my weapon of choice if I really want one and there is nothing any of you can do about it. It’s a nice dream that no one should have or need a gun but without second amendment rights you only deny yourself (law abiding citizens) the ability to protect yourself. The cops can’t protect you either.

    The members of our tyrannical federal government cannot afford for the citizens of D.C. to have sovereignty or full autonomy over there own affairs. Their arrogant superiority attitudes, thievery, lying and mutual manipulating must be stopped. The members of our local government are now emulating them. Technically the 600,000 or so resident slaves or serfs if you prefer of D.C. are trapped in feudalism. “Taxation Without Representation,” is a Constitutional crime not just a cute cliché. It does not appear that we can breed a candidate, weather he/she be White, Asian, Black or Hispanic who is not for sale. While the District of Columbia does need a newer, honest more aggressive leadership at all levels, it cannot be found among the current “Demrepublicratans” party or associations. Why is it that everyone in this country except the elected officials want Constitutional order? I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the “Republic” for which it stands. Not to the Democracy for which it stands. That’s why. Know what the difference is. If there were any sincerity of interest by present day legislators to extend sovereignty to D.C. residents, it would have been done more than 20 years ago without the allowance of any ridiculous disagreed upon mock-attached amendment. The members of the “Demrepublicratans” are ALL self-serving opportunists by way of corporate and special interests. The crimes perpetrated by them are far more abusive and damaging than anyone with a gun.

    Even under the threat of violence, they consistently and arbitrarily ignore the will of the people. This was demonstrated as several of them whined and cried like little girls just after forcing upon us the health care bill last month. They still routinely turn a deaf ear to any lobbying by citizens, rallies, marches, demonstrations and even petitions of redress. If we want to become fully emancipated and secure the same rights for ourselves that all other Americans enjoy, we need to not only remove our own criminals from office but at the same time, this coming November 2010, join with the other States to help remove their criminal legislators from office also. After all, most of those who are holding us back are not from here. Practically every other party out there is poised and ready to bestow equality on D.C if they can get their candidates elected. Also individually Washingtonians must be way more effective in our campaigning than we are and demand equality. The efforts of our present leadership by comparison are as if they really don’t want it. Are we too lazy, too afraid and too complacent or too illiterate to get what is Constitutionally ours?