District Restaurants Celebrate Earth Day 2010

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In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, tons of area restaurants are serving up specials for their diners.  For example, Firefly will give you a buck off of your bill for each wine cork that you bring in to be recycled.  You can bring up to 22 corks (which represents today’s date), and they will be delivered to Wente Vineyards for a joint recycling program with ReCork.  Chef Danny Bortnick will also be cooking up a five-course meal with ingredients straight from local farmers, all for $50.

Another restaurant that will be celebrating is Poste Moderne Brasserie.  Bev Eggleston of Eco Friendly Foods will provide a 400 POUND PIG to be roasted by Chef Robert Weland and staff.  For just $15, you can have a piece of the hog and your choice of one of mixologist Rico Wisner’s garden punches.  All other “Garden Menu” items will be available for just $4!

Finally, The Grille at Morrison House will be hosting a 100-mile candlelight dinner.  Chef Dennis Marron has prepared a four-course meal, which will include ingredients from local farmers within a 100 mile radius, such as eggs and poultry from Path Valley Farms and fresh fish from the Chesapeake.  All this can be yours for $55, excluding tax and gratuity.  What better way to celebrate than with food?  Enjoy and Happy Earth Day!

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2 thoughts on “District Restaurants Celebrate Earth Day 2010

  1. Man, it’s a shame Tiff has class tonight, I have a jar of corks we could’ve used to make Firefly decently priced instead of overpriced!

  2. I checked and apparently Firefly is running the cork deal until the end of April, so you still have some time to bring in your jar of corks and cash out.